Day 3 Docking in Labadee

I woke up before sunrise and watched the sunrise and us pulling into Royal Caribbean’s private island, Labadee. I have been looking forward to going back year for a long time. I even was able to book the same cabana I had last time I was here. Today will be an extremely relaxing and lazy day!

IMG 4826

Day 2

Day 2 was a very relaxing day. It started with breakfast outside on the deck. From there it was a show for repeat Royal Caribbean passengers. A trip to the casino (actually came out even) and then lunch at Windjammer. Then back to the casino. My partner won big (including the IRS form), and I broke even again. Then off to Bingo and he won again!

Later was dinner a Jamie’s (Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant. Some more time in the casino (we both had a minor loss) and off to see Grease. I saw Grease on Broadway so it is hard for me to give a good opinion but other passengers liked it.

Finally off to bed and of course, a towel figure was on it.

IMG 0813

Day 1

Royal Caribbean now has ‘Genies’ on-board to take care of everything. Once we got to our cabin, flowers, champagne and all sorts of other goodies were waiting in the room. Unfortunately I ate most of the goodies before I remembered to take a photo so all I have left is the flowers and champange.

We had lunch at the Coastal Kitchen, which a special dining room for Suite guests. Great food. Our genie had made a dinner reservation and a modern cuisine restaurant Wonderland, but we were both pretty tired so we had dinner in our cabin.

Later we saw a dance/aqua/high wire show. The genie had reserved seats riight outside of the splash zone and dead center. Best seats ever. The show was good. The dancers/divers/high wire people were extremely skilled and very athletic, but I didn’t really care for the choreography. But those performers themselves were awesome.

By midnight it was time for bed.

IMG 0808

Harmony of the Seas

After the hotel that I was not happy with, I am finally on the ship and it is amazing. My personal genie met me at the pier as I exited the taxi. She had my bags whisked away and within ten minutes I was in my cabin. All of this by 11:30!

This cabin has a balcony that is huge! We are having breakfast out here every morning. The room also has a huge dining room table on the first floor so we are having dinner in the suite!

This is going to be the best vacation ever.

IMG 0807


One of the strangest hotel rooms I have ever been in.  Shower has a window into the bedroom. There is no curtain between the shower and the bedroom.